IntEV facilitates the future of e-mobility with the smartest, most sustainable, and secure network for electric vehicle charging. We offer a wide portfolio of EV chargers from leading manufacturers and certified technical support to meet our clients' demands.

Energy Management and Chargers Platform

Authorization and Usage Registration for Chargers
  • Internal users
  • External users (charging service clients)
  • Third-party users with agreements (clients of other charging operators)
  • Billing and payment
Detailed Breakdown of Charging Operations
  • Station
  • Charger
  • Vehicle
  • Type of charge
  • Charging time
Real-Time Monitoring of Infrastructure Usage
  • Historical record of electrical consumption
  • Power supply interruptions
  • Alerts and notifications
Monitoring and Reimbursement Calculation for Home Charging
Interconnection with Other Operators' Networks
  • Calculation of net consumption, differences, and balances
  • Reconciliation and dispute management
Integration with Proprietary Management Systems

Fleet Management Platform

Vehicle Telemetry and History
  • GPS location
  • Vehicle operation parameters
  • Electrical subsystem
  • Driver identification and driving habits
  • Additional sensors
Electronic Records and Logs
  • Document and process control
  • Maintenance log for units
Supply of Fuels and Lubricants
  • Charging for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Power supply interruptions
  • Location and time of recharging
Alerts and Notifications
  • Charging reminders
  • SOS and alarm
Driving Habits Analysis
Integration with Existing Systems
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